Daniel Prado, was born in August of 1979 in Mogi das Cruzes, SP, Brazil, and always had an aptitude for art. As kid he was very passionate about magic, but the difficulties of getting his hands on learning material, as well as a magic course, drove his life in other directions.
          Daniel became a professional musician playing all over his country. But in 2005, Magic got him.
          At first, taking illusionism just as a hobby, Daniel noticed how many challenges that art demanded, ant that made him more close to it, until 2007, when he started a lecture enterprise called “Close-Up Business”, where he used illusionism techniques to teach people about marketing and sales stuff.
          In 2008, still in the beginning of his career, competing with a lot of experienced magicians, he won the 3rd place in the Magic In Rio International Magic Festival, that happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the close-up category.
          In 2009, Daniel was second place in the 2nd edition of the World Magic Meeting that happened in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in the Card Magic category, as well as the 3rd place in the Inventions and Improvements category.
          Daniel loves studying the magic art in all its form, and he is always trying to develop original effects and techniques to fit his personality and keep bringing new stuff to his public.
          In 2014, Daniel releases one of his creations, The Peregrine Pass,  in one of the most prestigious magic websites in the world, In November of 2015, Daniel released another technique on the Buck Twins website, The Cloak. Recently, the Buck twins released a new website, Art Of Magic, and Daniel is the only Brazilian magician featuring on the artists page.
          In June of 2016 Daniel made his first international lecture in San Diego, California, for the site Art Of Magic. The lecture was filmed and it will be available soon on
       Also in June of 2016, Daniel was interviewed by Elliott Terral for the podcast, Magical Thinking. You can hear his episode HERE.
        Daniel Prado still works as a musician with his wife, and you can check their work CLICKING HERE.